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Monthly Support

We are looking for monthly supporters who give to School of Revival on a regular basis.

One-time Gifts

We are also thankful for any one-time donations!

Fundraising for School of Revival

Project Manager

Benjamin Franke 

Team Member

Sebastian Jaensch

Give via PayPal

If you are located outside the European Union, the most convenient way to give is via PayPal:

Give via Bank Transfer

To give via bank transfer or TransferWise, please use the following details.

Account holder: Schule der Erweckung e.V.

Bank: Sparkasse Allgäu

IBAN: DE42 7335 0000 0515 7286 40


Description: Donation, [your name] [optional: your postal address]

If you are a German tax payer, your gift is tax-deductable. If you wish to receive a donation receipt, please add your postal address.

Thank you for supporting School of Revival!

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